LS vs. LT

The LS engine design has progressed by leaps and bounds, starting with Gen 1 in 1995 through to Gen 4. The Gen V LT takes the best of the last four LS generations and adds to it, starting with the bottom end.

The GenV LT features a forged crankshaft, powder-metal forged rods, and hypereutectic pistons (found in the LT4). Another advantage is the direct injection, providing better fuel economy, power production, and more precise fuel management. Another advantage of the LT design is its variable valve timing and active fuel management. These technologies allow for flat torque curves and massive power.

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A Note on Names: A lot of us still refer to 2014-and-later LT engines as LS. However, after 2014 they are technically LTs. The 5.3 liter is called an L83 and the 6.2 liter is an L86. Both engines have aluminum heads and an aluminum block.